5 Celebrities From Artistic World Using CBD

Certainly the benefits of medical cannabis are increasingly in evidence. And they begin to be known by more and more people – artists, actors, famous architects and athletes, where the blessed legalization has already taken place.

Much of this exposure goes through the good results that many people, some of them famous, actually achieve when using products like CBD vape collections and Delta-8 THC, that have regulated production standards.

In other words, you know exactly what is being consumed, where it comes from and, best of all, you can dose it more safely according to the needs of each one.

Want to meet 5 celebrities who use CBD or Delta 8 collection and who have had great experiences with cannabis and publicize its main benefits?

1) Seth Rogen

The American actor (heavy pot!) is also an anti-prohibitionist activist who supports the use of CBD for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Strongly believes in the benefits that cannabidiol can provide to people who are experiencing difficulties in their physical and mental health;

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2) Morgan Freeman

The Oscar winner (acclaimed actor in titles such as “Seven”, “A Dream of Freedom” and “The Story of God”), started using the CBD after a car accident in 2008. He was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, consists of severe muscle pain. To deal with the pain, he tried CBD+THC and found it highly effective for his pain. He has since shared his positive cannabis experience openly.

3) Tommy Chong

Certainly one of the greatest icons of cannabis culture and lifestyle, the Chong of the duo Cheech & Chong, never hid his passion for ganja in many years of activism. But few know how to cannabis helps in their fight against cancer prostate.

4) Alessandra Ambrosio

Super top models also benefit from using medical cannabis! Alessandra stated that the CBD Vape helps her to control anxiety and insomnia, as her profession requires 8 hours of sleep, she has the help of cannabis to rest and relax.

5) Jennifer Aniston

One of the great Hollywood actresses, has stated that she specifically uses CBD oil to deal with stress, pain and anxiety. She found relief in her mental health recovery, “There is always hope with CBD oil”, she declared.

We know that CBD offers benefits in isolation, but it is necessary to talk about the “committal effect”, where depending on the indication, it is proven that CBD+THC together potentiate its medicinal effects, bringing even more gains in the treatment.

In fact, the more people (whether famous or not) talking about Delta-8 and the benefits of medical cannabis.